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Retained Sales Recruiting


Retained Sales Recruiting


Treeline will become immersed in your corporate culture, structure, and strategy. We will take the time to understand the pulse, spirit, and history of your company to find the right salesperson and the right culture fit. The Treeline Retained solution is ideal for filling C-level and Executive roles.

The Retained service is built for companies that want a trusted advisor to help interview, assess, and make a hiring decision together.

  • You consult with the Treeline executive team.
  • Treeline will work on an exclusive basis dedicating specific resources to your company.
  • We will work very closely with your company and agree upon the search methodology to find the top sales executive for your team.
  • Treeline will study the market to identify relevant target companies and industries to recruit from.
  • Specific executives will be targeted within a Candidate Development Plan.
  • Treeline will pursue direct conversations with the individuals identified in the Candidate Development Plan.
  • The goals are simple –quickly execute on the agreed Candidate Development Plan and find the most qualified person and best fit.

How does Retained work?

•  Discovery Meeting

•  Candidate Development Plan

•  Review and Assessment of each candidate

•  Shortlist of candidates for client interview and consideration

•  Client consultation, validation, decision, and offer


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