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How To Engage Management in the Sales Hiring Process

Free Ebook on how to build a sales recruiting strategy for Sales Managers and HRHuman Resource Managers and Corporate Recruiters, do you find that your sales management team has unrealistic expectations when hiring sales talent? Do you find the process to be frustrating, time consuming and not producing the hiring results you were looking for?

Recruiting and hiring salespeople is hard work. It costs both time and money to find sales talent, so you want to make sure you are making a good hire. However, many times there are several decision makers involved in the process. You find yourself scheduling several interviews with different people on your team and they may find that you are not bringing them the top sales talent they were expecting. The truth is the team needs to be involved to hire, but how do you align and manage the process to make sure it is effective?

In this E-Book you will learn:

  • How to engage your sales management team in the hiring process
  • How to relate to the decision makers and talk the talk with sales leaders
  • How to improve the speed and process of sales hiring
  • How to eliminate miscommunication and minimize the risk of bad hires
  • How to make a smart sales hire in a timely manner, hitting your quarterly goals
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