Meet Treeline’s Newest Hire-Carolyn

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Meet Treeline’s Newest Hire-Carolyn

Carolyn Malloy joins the Treeline Inc Recruiting TeamTreeline is happy to announce the newest member of the team, Carolyn Malloy.

Carolyn has the passion, drive and positive outlook that have helped her pursue a successful sales career.

Carolyn loves working with people and collaborating in fast-paced and team-oriented environments. She participated in sports throughout college while doing marketing internships. She played Division I field hockey at Northeastern University. She has worked as an Assistant Field Hockey Coach at Boston College and understands the importance of being part of a team. Her experiences have required her to strengthen her management and leadership skills. She has worked in customer-facing roles and focuses on building strong relationships. Carolyn’s experiences have enabled her to grow professionally and accomplish her goals. Now Carolyn joins Treeline as a Business Development Representative connecting sales professionals with incredible job opportunities across the U.S.

Carolyn is a New Hampshire native who loves playing sports, hiking and spending time with her family. Her competitive spirit, positive attitude and incredible personality make her a great addition to the Treeline Team. Welcome Carolyn!

Looking for a new sales opportunity? Connect with Carolyn on LinkedIn.


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