Treeline plays selling power game show make that sale

Last weekend, Treeline's CEO, Dan Fantasia received a phone call from Gerhard Gschwandtner, the founder of Selling Power Magazine with news regarding a new live game show he was hosting and producing for Selling Power TV. The show, "Make that Sale!" would feature ten sales professionals competing in three real-life selling situations on live TV, and he wanted one of Treeline's "dynamic" consultants to be on the show. Dan was more than happy to have one of Treeline's consultants on the show, and within minutes he convinced Kathleen Mauriot, our Division Manager, to represent Treeline, as one of the best executive search firms in the nation.

The show took place yesterday, July 29th at the Renaissance Waterfront Hotel in Boston. The game show was made up of three different contests: (1) Share your most memorable sale. (2) Find accurate and complete contact information about a specific prospect using any Sales 2.0 technology within three-minutes and (3) deliver a winning one-minute elevator pitch. Kathleen was part of the second contest, so she had to use technology, such as LinkedIn and Jigsaw to get the contact information of a sales executive.

Kathleen's charisma, out-going personality, and competitive nature shined as she navigated the web, completing the task in under three-minutes, and taking home the "gold," or in this case, a new iPad. When asked whether she found the task to be difficult Kathleen said, "I use these applications everyday to track down the names of CEO's, VP's, sale manager's, etc., so I didn't find it too difficult, but I was still very nervous." Kathleen did great and we are proud to have her on the Treeline Team!

Watch Kathleen on "Make That Sale!"


The edited version of the show will be posted on in 2 weeks.

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