Sales is unique in general, and hiring salespeople requires a unique approach. Treeline is exclusive to sales recruiting and has created a sales hiring technology that is revolutionizing the industry. Hiring managers need more data and insight into the sales candidates they are interviewing. DADOMATCH provides companies and hiring [...]

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Treeline Recaps 2010 Sales Trends

Written By Dan Fantasia CEO and Founder of Treeline, Inc. Unpredictable: the one word I think of when looking back on 2010. This year has been an "unpredictable" year for our clients, for our candidates, and of course, for Treeline. As a sales organization, we base our business model [...]

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How to Create a Video Resume

In today's job market, it is important to stand out from the crowd. At Treeline, we recognize the benefits of showcasing your personality and the need to market yourself to prospective employers. That is why we created DADO. Our platform gives you the ability to create a profile and [...]

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