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3 Reasons Why You Haven't Landed The Job

01.17.14   |   Job Search & Career   |   Sales Consultant at Treeline, Incorporated

A job search is not easy. That’s no secret. Like many job seekers, you may find yourself frustrated. You are applying to dozens of jobs and are receiving little or no response to your submissions. Even though a high-volume of submissions can increase the odds of a response, you may actually find much more success with a strategic search. Here are 3 commonalities that lead to an ineffective job search and ways to overcome them.

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5 Ways To Boost Your Resume And Build Social Brand

12.05.13   |   Job Search & Career   |   Dan Fantasia, CEO at Treeline, Incorporated

These days, the most effective job seekers find opportunities not only by using the traditional resume, which is still a necessity, but by also building a strong social brand. What is social brand? We constantly hear how important it is for companies to have a social brand in order to create a strong online presence, as well as a loyal customer base and community. However, it is equally, if not more important for job seekers to create a social brand, and by this I mean establishing an online identity that effectively communicates who you are as a professional and as an individual.

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What Hiring Managers Look For In A Sales Candidate

10.21.13   |   Job Search & Career   |   Sean Cashman, Division Manager at Treeline, Incorporated

If you are actively looking for a job, whether you are just starting the search or have been looking for quite some time, you should know what people are looking for. Notice how I wrote, ‘people’ and not ‘companies’ – that was not by coincidence. Companies do not hire people, people hire people. And we tell all of our candidates and clients that ‘people buy from who they like, and people hire people they like.’

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What To Expect When Expecting A Job Offer

09.13.13   |   Job Search & Career   |   David DeMelo, Division Manager at Treeline, Incorporated

Receiving a job offer can be one of the many great moments in one’s profession. It may seem easy to just say YES, but there is a formal process and some dos and don’ts to keep in mind. Typically, job offers are first made verbally and then followed up of the offer “packet” in writing. Offer packets vary, but a majority of them will include copies of the offer letter, benefits, contract, conditions on employment, etc.

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Is the Job a Good Fit for You?: Qualifying Interview Questions

04.05.13   |   Job Search & Career   |   Kathleen Mauriot, Division Manager at Treeline Incorporated

When preparing for an interview we often place all our focus on predicting what questions the interviewer will ask us. Our efforts are geared towards making sure we say all the right things and give the answers that the potential employer is looking for. But there is one piece of the interview process that many people fail to prepare for, and that is what questions you will ask the interviewer.

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Interview Tip - Do Not Get Emotional

12.11.12   |   Interview Advice   |   Sean Cashman, Senior Consultant at Treeline Incorporated

When you land an interview, you probably hear dress professionally, sit up straight, ask thought provoking questions, do your research on the company and the role, and close them on moving forward in the process. These are all the basics when meeting with a company who is trying to qualify you for a role - pretty straight forward. But what if the company is not trying to qualify you?

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