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Treeline Recaps 2010 Sales Trends

11.16.10   |   DADOMATCH   |   Dan Fantasia, Founder and CEO of Treeline Incorporated

Unpredictable: the one word I think of when looking back on 2010. This year has been an "unpredictable" year for our clients, for our candidates, and of course, for Treeline. As a sales organization, we base our business model on consistent sustainable growth. Fortunately, 2010 proved to be a better year than 2009. However, uncertainty reigned throughout the year. Americas' volatile economic situation directly influenced the decisions of many of our clients and candidates. Therefore, many decisions were made due to an emotional response to economic influences. Often, fear caused by uncertainty overshadowed logic and reason and the decision making process to buy, hire, or accept an offer was frequently unclear.

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Treeline, Inc. is a Member of the Dana-Farber Leadership Council

05.17.10   |   Treeline   |   Dan Fantasia, Founder and CEO of Treeline Incorporated

Dan Fantasia, the CEO of Treeline, Inc has been a member of the Dana-Farber Leadership Council since 2005. The Leadership Council was founded in 1999 and aims to raise money and increase awareness of the lifesaving work that goes on at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

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Meet Treeline's Newest Hire: Amanda Musto

03.17.10   |   Treeline   |   Dan Fantasia, Founder and CEO of Treeline Incorporated

Meet Amanda Musto, the newest member of the Treeline team. Amanda recently graduated from Roger Williams University in May 2009, with a double major in Communications and English Literature. A proud member of "Generation Y", Amanda looks at social media, online marketing as a "way of life".

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Job Trends of 2010

03.01.10   |   Job Search & Career   |   Dan Fantasia, Founder and CEO of Treeline Incorporated

The new market has created several new market trends for 2010, however one of the most significant trends we see here at Treeline is found in the technology industry. Our technology clients are currently the most aggressive when it comes to hiring sales professionals and the majority of our open roles are for software companies. They certainly have the most urgency and are the most progressive to adapt in the new market. They have adopted many new sales strategies that have proven to be not only effective but efficient. The majority of the changes have been in the structure of the sales team. The traditional technology sales force is comprised of a lead generation team, inside sales team and a field sales team. In the late 90's and for the decade that followed many technology companies built a very large field sales presence. Over the years, we have helped many companies build large field sales teams however over the past year and a half the sales model has changed. With cloud computing and the conversion from applications to Software as a Service (SaaS), we have seen a rise in consumer confidence and an adoption to purchasing products via web demos and conference calls. Therefore the need for a large field sales presence is not as cost effective or efficient as it once was. Technology companies are progressively moving away from a large field sales force and more aggressively trending toward an inside sales presence.

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