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Can you play without passion?

05.18.09   |   Job Search & Career   |   Amanda Musto, Marketing Manager at Treeline Incorporated

I still play in adult men’s hockey league and recently we finished our winter season. Unlike a few of the past seasons, this one ended with us not only in the playoffs, but with a good chance to win our league. As the playoffs went on we had success in winning our games and found ourselves in the Championship. Now normally there is a little bit more urgency for a playoff game during the game itself but the moment the game is over, whether win or lose, the game is quickly forgotten. But, this game was different, it was a back and forth affair that featured lead changes and a passion not usually seen in a men’s league hockey game. Guys were sacrificing their bodies to block shots, which is common in the NHL but is almost never seen in a men’s league game.

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Additional Tools and Resources for a Job Search

05.15.09   |   Job Search & Career   |   Amanda Musto, Marketing Manager at Treeline Incorporated

Every day I meet with talented sales professionals who ask me what other resources should I be utilizing in supplementing my job search? If I were to start a job search tomorrow I would use two major websites - & There are a handful of social networking websites on the net but Linkedin will give you the most leverage in a professional setting. As sales professionals we all know that networking is the most important trait we have in building a pipeline and closing business.

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How to maintain a Work/Life balance as a sales professional

05.14.09   |   Job Search & Career   |   Amanda Musto, Marketing Manager at Treeline Incorporated

Well, how do you do it? As a sales professional, we understand that “9-5″ job does not really exist. Think about it, sales people are always on cal and always working! So how do you balance your professional life from your personal life? I have been in sales for the past 6 years and I found myself going in early, leaving late and checking work emails from my Blackberry when normal humans are sleeping. I can’t put my finger on why I’m always working, but I believe that it has to do with the passion, the drive and the willingness it takes to become better at your sales career.

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Great balls of FIRE!!

05.13.09   |   Job Search & Career   |   Amanda Musto, Marketing Manager at Treeline Incorporated

The thing that I realized about eating the Fireballs is that it is a lot like sales. NOBODY likes to cold call or the heavy lifting of any job. But, EVERYBODY loves the sugary center or the closing of a deal. Now, after eating the Fireballs for a month I understand that it is not the HOT feeling that people enjoy but it is the sweet center.

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Age Bias: Has it affected your search?

05.12.09   |   Job Search & Career   |   Amanda Musto, Marketing Manager at Treeline Incorporated

As an executive search firm we often hear from many individuals about different challenges they find in the job market. All candidates struggle through a job search. It is never easy and is always an emotional roller coaster ride. There are many highs and lows in the search. We ride that roller coaster with each of our candidates and offer as much support as possible. In today's market hiring companies are picker than ever. In some cases this has caused challenges based on experience.

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Job Search: Are you being realistic?

05.11.09   |   Interview Advice   |   Amanda Musto, Marketing Manager at Treeline Incorporated

This blog is not going to give you advice on your search but is more of an exercise to see if you are being realistic in this unique job market. It is imperative for all job seekers to know that this job market is not like any market that we have seen before. More importantly, it is not the same market as the last time you may have looked for a job. Companies are being more and more selective about whom they hire and if you are not positioning yourself as a dead hit to the role they are looking to fill then you are positioning yourself as a risk to a company. The days of leveraging 'intangibles' are gone and now it is all about painting yourself in the right light for each opportunity that you are going after

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Taking Charge of Your Career in a Pension-less World

05.08.09   |   Job Search & Career   |   Amanda Musto, Marketing Manager at Treeline Incorporated

Fear not, career security still exists, although not in its traditional form. In today’s job market, security comes through experience and knowledge, not through any one corporation or organization. The knowledge you have accumulated since entering the workforce is what will propel you forward in your career. If, in your current situation, you are not learning new skill sets, increasing your income, or advancing your career, you may be losing precious time.

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