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The Field Ride: How to prepare

07.07.09   |   Job Search & Career   |   Amanda Musto, Marketing Manager at Treeline Incorporated

Today’s landscape for job seekers has been anything but a walk in the park. Typically, hiring companies have created standard interview processes which can range from 2 to 7 steps, including phone screens, several meetings with company executives and sometimes a “day in the life” or a field ride. A “day in the life” is fairly standard within an outside sales role, but this trend has recently been adopted for inside sales roles. These “shadow” days can range from a few hours to an entire day depending on the hiring company and are tools to asses your ability to listen, ask questions and catch on to their day to day routine.

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How To: Get pumped up for an interview!

07.06.09   |   Job Search & Career   |   Amanda Musto, Marketing Manager at Treeline Incorporated

One of the most common concerns/complaints that we hear from hiring managers after an interview is that the candidate did not seem to have enough energy. This can be interpreted several different ways but typically it means that the candidate either did not seem excited to be there, did not seem excited about the job, or their body language communicated their lack of engagement. However, upon asking the candidate how they felt the interview went, they often respond by saying that it went very well, they had solid answers and asked good questions during the interview. That’s why they are shocked when I tell them that their candidacy is being passed on due to “lack of energy.”

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Secrets of Sales Success: Becoming a good listener

07.02.09   |   Job Search & Career   |   Amanda Musto, Marketing Manager at Treeline Incorporated

Good listening skills. Not enough sales professionals have them according to Author Barry Farber in a recent Entreparticle on the subject. He suggests it’s because we feel more comfortable talking about ourselves and the subjects we know that we sometimes neglect to listen. After all, what could be easier? Another Farber theory is that sales professionals are so excited about their product they can’t wait to tell prospects about it – and end up doing most of the talking.

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Why you should care about a potential employer's Corporate Culture

06.30.09   |   Job Search & Career   |   Amanda Musto, Marketing Manager at Treeline Incorporated

Have you ever glanced at a job description and thought it matched your skill set so perfectly that the hiring manager surely had you in mind when creating it? Only to realize at the interview that you would never, ever fit in at such a place? There is no denying that possessing the right skills and background are imperative to the position you want. But as too many people learn, allowing yourself to be seduced by great pay or benefits while ignoring warning signs about the culture can be disastrous.

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Job Searching in the Summertime

06.29.09   |   Job Search & Career   |   Amanda Musto, Marketing Manager at Treeline Incorporated

Is there a more precious time in New England? For the adventurers among us, there is a plethora of outdoor pursuits to enjoy – hiking, biking, boating – the list is endless. No doubt, all of these enticing activities will be vying for your attention this season including your job. Though you’ll continue working hard this summer, it is critical to carve out quality time to spend with family and friends. Here are some tactics you can use to ensure that you meet your commitments and make the most of this special but fleeting time of year.

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Polite Persistence

06.23.09   |   Job Search & Career   |   Amanda Musto, Marketing Manager at Treeline Incorporated

If you decided to gamble, than I’m pretty confident you made an evening of it at the least. You probably played several different hands at several different tables – trying your luck at a variety of different games. You did that because you wanted to win – and you understood that the probability of winning playing just one hand was slim to none. This makes sense right? Than why do 80% of the Sales Professionals in the world quit after the first call? Another 5% quit after the second!

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212 Degrees: The Difference Between the Rainmaker and the Average Sales Professional

06.18.09   |   Sales Recruiting   |   Amanda Musto, Marketing Manager at Treeline Incorporated

As a sales manager, one of your greatest responsibilities is to motivate your team. It is your job to build an enthusiastic and energetic environment that breeds an attitude of endurance, persistence and winning. Every sales manager has their own motivational tactics that they’ve used, but every once in a while it’s nice to have some type of collateral that speaks for itself.

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