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How to Hire Business Development Representatives

08.14.15   |   Sales Recruiting   |   Kevin Penta, Consultant, at Treeline, Incorporated

Working in sales recruiting, I understand how important a strong sales force is to a company’s health. As more and more companies have adopted an inside sales model, they are looking to build out their business development teams. The business development representatives are the front line of the sales team. They prospect and identify leads and usually are the first to make contact with a potential client.

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How To Write Recruiting Emails That Actually Work

08.13.15   |   Sales Recruiting   |   Chelsey Canavan, Marketing Manager, at Treeline, Incorporated

As a recruiter hiring for your company, you are faced with daily difficult task of finding qualified sales candidates. You spend most of your time hunting for top talent. You reach out to your network of professional, you ask for referrals, you post jobs, and you search vast databases and social media sites (like LinkedIn) for qualified sales professionals.

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7 Easy Tips to Build a More Effective Resume and Cover Letter

08.13.15   |   Job Search & Career   |   Sean Cashman, Division Manager, at Treeline, Incorporated

For all of you who are struggling with building your resume and cover letter – this blog is for you. I am going to lay out a few simple pieces of advice and direction for you that will help understand what a resume is, why they are necessary, and what hiring managers generally look for. Will I answer all of your questions...probably not but you will have a different set of tools to help you figure it out. Here we go…

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5 Sales Training Techniques to Create Top Performers in the Summer

07.14.15   |   Sales Recruiting   |   Sean Cashman, Division Manager at Treeline, Incorporated

Here we are, in the madness of the summer season, the sun is shining, people are taking vacations, and we are still trying to get work done. We are 2 weeks into Q3 and we know that we have 2 months of summer fun and sunshine ahead of us before buckling down and really get back our teams back to focusing on the number and make plans for the final push in Q4. (Can you believe that we are actually talking about Q4 and EOY?!)

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Treeline, Inc. is Now Mobile Responsive

07.13.15   |   Treeline   |   Chelsey Canavan, Marketing Manager at Treeline, Incorporated

Great news, Treeline, Inc. is now mobile responsive. That means you are able to visit the Treeline, Inc. website on any mobile or tablet device wherever you. Treeline Inc.’s DADOMATCH technology enables job seekers the ability to submit a resume and create a 3-D sales profile. DADOMATCH allows job seekers the ability to easily and confidentially search for new sales opportunities while partnering with Treeline to help them find a great sales role with some of the best companies out there.

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Meet Treeline's Newest Hire-Justin

07.08.15   |   Treeline   |   Chelsey Canavan, Marketing Manager at Treeline, Incorporated

Treeline is happy to announce the newest member of the team, Justin Sheehan. Justin has the knowledge, ambition and positive outlook that has helped him pursue a successful sales career. Justin is a recent graduate from Bryant University with a Marketing degree. Justin’s educational experience introduced him to sales and marketing enabling him to have hands-on experience while obtaining his degree.

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