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Industries We Recruit For

Treeline, Inc. recruits and sources sales professionals across the United States. We will find, recruit and bring you top sales talent no matter what industry or vertical.

We are top sales recruiters and offer unique sales recruiting solutions to help our clients hire and build their sales teams. We are the best at what we do and will work closesly with your HR and Sales Management departments to introduce qualified and interested sales candidates. Don't miss out on your sales hires and fall behind revenue goals. Fill your sales jobs today.

The industries we recruit top sales talent for, include:

Software Sales

Technology Sales

Medical Sales

B2B Sales - General Sales

IT - Technical Sales

Media and Advertising Sales

Pharmaceutical Sales

Security Software Sales

Healthcare Sales

Retail (B2B Sales)

Manufacturing Sales

Biotechnology Sales

Financial Sales

Logistics and Transportation Sales

Marketing Sales

Green Energy Sales

Capital Equipment

Education Sales

Looking to recruit and hire an Inside Sales Manager, an Outside Sales Representative, an Inside Sales Representative, a Business Development Representative, an Account Manager or a VP of Sales? Treeline, Inc. can help you find the right sales talent to grow your business. We will work with you to identify top sales talent and consult with you on not only your hiring needs but share market insights.

Treeline, Inc and our DADOMATCH techology are changing the ways companies build their sales teams. Our technology and services not only deliver top sales talent, but reduce the cost and time that goes into sales hiring.

Contact us today and start hiring salespeople!

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