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Recruit Remote Sales Reps

Recruit High-Performing Remote Sales Reps to Grow Your Revenue Across the U.S.

As technology has optimized the way companies do business and communicate with customers, there is a need to hire talented remote sales reps who can help you grow your business on a national and global scale.

You need someone who can thrive in a remote environment.

You need someone who has:

  • The right sales experience 
  • The ability to drive activity, pipeline, and revenue
  • A strong work ethic and focus to work from a home office
  • An entrepreneurial mindset to grow a business
  • The ability to communicate with customers on the phone and through email
  • Excellent presentation skills to give demos, show value, and close deals
  • The ability to travel and meet clients face-to-face
  • The desire to work collaboratively with other team members

And you need the right sales recruiting solution that can help you hire this talented salesperson.

That's where we come in.

At Treeline, Inc. we simplify the sales recruiting process.

Use one solution that does all of the work for you. Traditional sales recruitment and the "post and hope" approach of job boards won't deliver you the caliber of sales talent you need for your sales position. You need a sales recruitment solution that works in today's digital, fast-paced, and information-overload landscape.

  • Stop paying hundreds on job boards that don't deliver a hire.
  • Stop spending hours searching through resume databases.
  • Stop screening dozens of unqualified candidates.

No more guessing. Meet and interview sales candidates who are:

  • Qualified and have the right sales characteristics
  • Educated on your company, sales job, and compensation
  • Excited to interview with your company

We have the expertise, the network, software, and sales recruiting solutions that fit every search and budget. From our award-winning Contingency sales recruitment solution to our revolutionary Sourcing as a Service (SaaS) sales recruiting solution.

You will get the full support of an entire sales recruiting team, working with you in your search.

It's time to use a sales recruitment solution that aligns with your goals.

Whether you are recruiting remote sales professionals in Boston, New York City, Chicago, Phoenix, Austin, Seattle, San Francisco, or across the country, we have a national reach that can't be beat.


Talk with Treeline today and see how our sales recruiting solutions can help you build your team.

See Why Our Clients Love Partnering With Us

I discovered Treeline Sales Recruiters (or more specifically they discovered me) as I was looking to hire two Sales Representatives in the New England market. I had posted on job boards, used LinkedIn ads, and was using a recruiter that we had used for years, but had yet to hire. Nicole from the Treeline team reached out to us to discuss the recruiting services that they offered. Their Sourcing as a Service solution was just what we needed. From the start, I really appreciated the way that Treeline approached our search. We knew who would be involved with our account and they took the time to discuss our company and sales opportunity in depth. They understood who we were looking to hire and explained how they would find and qualify candidates. On a daily basis, there would be new qualified candidates for me to view in their sales hiring portal DADOMATCH. These candidates had been recruited and screened by Treeline so I didn’t have to spend time explaining the position to them only to find out that they weren’t interested. I had all the information I needed to review in order to decide if I would move to next steps in the interview process. If any concerns or challenges came up, Mike, our account manager was incredibly helpful and responsive. In the end, we hired two new Account Executives with the help of Treeline and they have been welcomed additions to my team. I truly appreciate the opportunity to partner with the professionals at Treeline who introduced me to pre-screened and qualified candidates who were educated on my sales job and company prior to my having to have the conversation.

Joe Pelehach
Vice President, Motorlease Corporation