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Hartford, Connecticut 

Sales Recruiters

Treeline, Inc. is an executive recruiting firm exclusive to sales. We help companies grow their sales teams in Hartford, Connecticut, New England, the NY tristate area, and across the country.

We simplify the sales recruiting process, so that you can focus on hiring the right fit for your sales team.


Whether you are looking for a Sales Representative, Business Development Representative, Account Executive, VP of Sales, Inside Sales Rep, Regional Sales Manager, or Pre-Sales Engineer, we've got you covered.

We understand how important recruiting the right for you sales team is, that's why we developed our own sales recruiting software to make it easier for you to identify top talent.

When it comes to finding sales candidates for your sales team, don't leave it to the job boards.

We will bring you top sales talent that you won't find on the job boards. Our team will work with you to identify, recruit, enage, and introduce sales professionals to your open sales job and company.

Why is Treeline, Inc. unique?

  • We developed our own sales hiring software to simplify and streamline the sales recruiting process
  • We only specialize in the recruitment of sales professoinals
  • We offer sales recruiting services that fit every search and budget
  • We have a focused approach with a national reach

What does that mean for you?

  • You will have more insight into the hiring process with our sales hiring technology
  • You will only be introduced to qualified and interested candidates
  • You will recruit and hire the right fit for you sales team 
  • You will hire faster, better, and with less cost

Grow your sales team and grow your business.

Talk with Treeline today and see how our sales recruiting solutions can help you build your team.