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About Us

What is the Treeline?

The name Treeline, Inc. is a result of a shared passion for the outdoors and a fiercely competitive mindset. Trees can only grow up to a certain altitude, above that they cannot survive. Climbing above the ‘treeline’ is purely for the excitement and challenge and desire to conquer a new terrain. The best sales people share the same mentality, striving to climb to the top of the industry – we help you find those people.

About Treeline - What Makes Us Different


Treeline was founded in 2001 with an exclusive focus on helping companies build world-class, high-output, sales teams. Our award-winning sales recruiting solutions identify top salespeople quickly and give you the support and insight you need to know that you are making the right hire.

We offer sales recruiting solutions that fit every search and every budget:

  1. Choose what level of service you need: SaaS Service, Contingency Service or Retained Service
  2. Gain access to your sales recruiting dashboard and your unique Treeline Resume
  3. Utilize our sales recruiters' network of talented sales professionals to find you the right fit for your brand

The Culture

 At Treeline, Inc. we have worked hard to         create a company and culture that people love   being part of. We are a team of innovators,   trailblazing to set the path for sales recruiting   solutions. We are strong believers in sales   karma and work hard to add value to both our   clients and our candidates. We provide   everyone with unmatched training and   resources to be successful. Here, you'll find   that we encourage each and every one of our   team members to empower themselves to   achieve both their professional and personal   goals.


Our Core Values 

  1. Focus
  2. Belief and Purpose
  3. Honesty and Integrity
  4. Positive Energy
  5. Urgency
  6. Resilience 



Our name, Treeline, was inspired by outdoor adventurers who are intrinsically driven to “climb above the Treeline” -the altitude beyond which trees can survive- for the rush, excitement and challenge.

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